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Jönköping University

Jönköping University is a young professional-oriented university characterised by a high degree of internationalization, an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive collaboration with surrounding society. It is one of three Swedish private, non-profit institutions of higher education with theright to award doctorates. The University offers 80 programmes and specialisations on Bachelor’s and Master’s level and prepares students for working in an international context. Jönköping University is located in the centre of Jönköping, within walking distance to the main sightseeing attractions and the hotels.

Jönköping University Campus
Gjuterigatan 5, 553 18 Jönköping

Latitud 57° 46,698'
Longitud 014° 09,799'

Jönköping City

Jönköping offers a vibrant city pulse, beach life and nature on the doorstep. The city centre of Jönköping consists of picturesque alleys and canals opening the city up to the three lakes. Click here to see what the city can offer to you!

How to get here

Air travel

Jönköping Airport  is located 9 km from the city centre and has connections with Stockholm (Arlanda Airport) and Copenhagen (Kastrup Airport), Denmark. To get to and from the airport there is a regular bus service (route 27) to Jönköping city centre.
There are a number of international airports with good connections to Jönköping. Landvetter Airport is in Gothenburg on the west coast. Arlanda Airport, Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Stockholm Västerås Airport and Stockholm Bromma Airport are on the eastern side of Sweden. Malmö Airport is situated in the south of Sweden. All the airports are just a few hours away from Jönköping and they are connected to the main city in question via Airport Coaches. From Copenhagen (Kastrup Airport), Denmark you can easily travel to Jönköping by train.

Travel within Sweden

The railway station is located in the middle of Jönköping city centre. The train company SJ runs most of the railway lines in Sweden. For information about tickets or national arrivals and departures, please visit or phone: +46 (0)771-75 75 75. There are a number of coach companies which connect most parts of Sweden. Here are links to a few of them:

By car you drive towards Jönköping city centre and follow the signs towards Centrum V (campus is located in the city centre). If you travel by car – be aware that parkin space is scarce at the campus area and therefore you are advised to use public parking places.

The local buses regularly serve most places in Jönköping. The main bus stop in the city is Juneporten and is situated next to the railway station.

Getting to Jönköping from airports

All the airports are just a few hours away from Jönköping and connected via Airport Coaches and/or rental car services.

Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg 

  • The airport is connected to Gothenburg on the west coast.
  • There are direct coaches running from the airport to the city of Jönköping.
  • The journey takes about 1hr and 45 mins and costs approx. 10 Euros one way.
  • If you are 3 or 4 travelling together you could get a taxi that would cost you about 150 Euros.
  • Otherwise you can always get the airport shuttle bus to the centre of Gothenburg and from
    there get a train to Jönköping.

Jönköping Airport (small airport)

The airport is located 9 km from the city centre and after 26 August 2019 the airport has connections with Arlanda (the main airport of Stockholm).
To get to and from the airport there is a regular bus service (route 27) to Jönköping city centre, or a taxi which costs approximately 25 Euros.

Kastrup Airport Copenhagen, Denmark

From here you can easily travel to Jönköping by train and the journey takes about 3,5 hours.

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm (the main international airport of Stockholm)

From Arlanda you can get either a flight, train or a bus to Jönköping and the connections and timetables are good and varied.

Småland Airport, Växjö

The airport is located 110 km from Jönköping and has daily connections to Amsterdam (mon-fri). There are several car rental services to choose from.