Instructions for the paper sessions

The paper sessions are carried out in four parallel streams (I-IV).

For each session one session chair and one zoom-responsible is assigned.

The session chair is located at their home university and the zoom-responsible at JTH.

All participants (audience, authors, session chair, zoom-responsible) have to be registered and logged in to the conference to get access to the zoom-meetings.Log in information was sent via mail from If you cannot find the email or have issues logging in, please contact us at The log in will open on Friday October 2. When you log in, you will be able to get access to the papers and when the conference starts, to join the different sessions using the "Join" button in each session.

We will use Zoom. If you not are familiar with Zoom – please check out how it works before the conference starts,

Make sure that your computer, camera and headset are working properly in advance to the conference. Use a proper background, there will be a SPS2020 background to upload from the webpage. Everyone should keep their microphones muted except the presenter.

We plan to record each session and upload it on the homepage afterwards, accessible for those of you registered to the conference. If you as a presenting author disagree to be recorded, please let the session chair know before the session starts.

Instructions for the presenting authors

Join the Zoom-meeting at least 10 minutes before the session starts.

You will share your screen to show your presentation (to share screen in Zoom, check

Keep the time!

The author should use maximum 12-15 minutes to present their paper and the remaining 5-8 minutes for questions.

Each paper has 25 minutes allocated, of which 20 may be used by the presenter/author and the remaining 5 minutes are for allowing the audience to change paper session stream.

Use one of the following Zoom backgrounds - LINK or LINK (More info on how to do that:

Instructions for the session chair

The main task for a session chair is to introduce the speaker, keep track on the time, and chair the question-part of the presentation.

  • Join the zoom-meeting 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • Check that all presenting authors have joined the session.
  • Inform the authors that we want to record the session and ask if someone disagree to this. The recorded session will be uploaded on the homepage, available for those registered to the conference.
  • Agree with the zoom-responsible how to do with questions in the chat (who to pose them, etc.).
  • Start each presentation on time - as stated in the program. If an author is not showing up, wait until it is time for the next author before you proceed.
  • Keep track on the time for each author.

If you have any questions, visit Help Center. You can also contact us at

Don’t forget to enjoy the conference!

Thank you for supporting SPS2020.

The SPS2020 Programme Committee