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Keynotes and parallel sessions

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Keynotes and parallel sessions

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The online-program will open here on Friday October 2, 2020.


Husqvarna AB

Edge - Our Journey Toward Perfect Production

  • Speaker: Anders Wiberg, Director Manufacturing Edge Factory

We are constantly under the pressure to maximize operational performance and making sure to strive towards perfection. To stay relevant in the market competition we need to increase uptime, stay true to our quality and apply the art of automation in an effective way. In this session we will take you through how an idea transformed into a high-end manufacturing plant and how we as a manufacturing company will face tomorrow challenges in the name of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. Changes happens in a rapidly fast way and we are here to bring ideas into solutions – We are a creative hub for innovation and passionate minds. Together, we are on a mission. To shape greater experiences than ever.

Sandvik Coromant Gimo

Factory of the future

  • Speaker: Claes Nord, Senior Visitor Experience Specialist, AB Sandvik Coromant

About the Lighthouse in Gimo: film here.

The Sandvik Coromant Gimo tool production plant in Sweden has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as an advanced Industry 4.0 facility.
The Sandvik Coromant tool production plant at Gimo, north of Stockholm, is a highly-automated facility that fully embraces the many benefits of digitally-connected manufacturing. This was recently acknowledged by the World Economic Forum which announced Gimo as one of its global “lighthouse” sites. Each lighthouse is selected from a survey of over 1,000 manufacturing units based on their success in adopting digital technologies and demonstrating tangible benefits.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Gimo facility has created a digital thread through its production processes that has significantly raised productivity. One example is its ‘touchless changeover’ which allows design patterns to be changed automatically, even during unmanned shifts. Such best-in-class advances means Gimo will now become part of the global lighthouse network, opening its doors and sharing knowledge with other manufacturing businesses.

Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how for the metalworking industry. With extensive investments in research and development, we create unique innovations and set new productivity standards together with our customers. These include the world's major automotive, aerospace and energy industries. As a market leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how for the metalworking industry, Sandvik Coromant employs almost 8 000 brilliant minds spread across both geographical and cultural borders. Development is in our DNA and we’re proud to create unique innovations and set new productivity standards in close collaboration with our customers. We are also aiming ambitiously to reduce our environmental footprint and drive the shift towards a more sustainable world. Quite simply, shaping the future together!


Trends of productivity growth and the role of manufacturing

  • Speaker: Lena Hagman, Senior economist

Teknikföretagen will present overall perspectives on the long-term trends of total factor productivity growth in Sweden and abroad, point out general obstacles observed in the last decade, but also possibilities for productivity to be raised against headwinds. The Manufacturing industry in the region of Jönköping creates more than half of the region’s total value added. The demand for its manufactured products creates almost 1/3 of all jobs in the region. On top of that, the tax income and transfers derived from manufacturing make room for public expenditures and creation of jobs within welfare services in the region. In order for this bloodstream to keep pumping around the heart of the region’s manufacturing industry, the conditions for improving its productivity growth is vital.



During the conference there will be workshops on different topics.

Workshop on collaborative research: Best practice in co-production of education and research

  • Moderators: Malin Löfving, Träcentrum and Jenny Bäckstrand, School of Engineering, Jönköping University

The workshop is hosted by two of JTH´s industry fellows that split their time between academia and industry. 

During the workshop, the structured way that JTH work with engagement with industry will be presented, based om the 7 themes and 30 propositions regarding collaboration that have been formulated (found on The participants will be invited to discuss on the themes of;
- Strategic partnerships
- Collaboration arenas
- Industry placement/internship for engineers
- Life-long learning – courses for industry
- Matchmaking between company needs and university offerings

We hope that the participants will share their experiences during and be inspired to collaborate in research and education.

Workshop on education: Lifelong learning and developing shared modular education between Academia and Industry - the Civilingenjör 4.0 pilot project

  • Moderator: Bengt-Göran Rosén, Professor, Halmstad University

During the workshop visions and status on education in collaboration and "Life-long learning" as a concept will be discussed. The discussion starts off from a concept developed based on small (1-3 credits) education modules from the ongoing national project Civilingenjör 4.0. The project is exploring joint academia-academia- and academia to industry education as one (of many) enablers of the life-long learning concept. Invited speakers from industry and academia will initiate the discussion. In the end of the session challenges identified for the co-operation will be penetrated by the aid of the audience and a plenary panel.

Workshop on education: Experiences from the production2030-doctoral course in international production – this year based on a field trip to USA and Silicon Valley, is presented and discussed

  • Moderator: Bengt-Göran Rosén, Professor, Halmstad University

The workshop is presented by participants from the Production 2030 Graduate School course International production who will share their experiences from study visits both at Swedish companies and in California to discuss aspects of internationally based production. A discussion will be initiated around the conclusions from the course and ideas and suggestions of topics and layout for coming versions of the course will be welcomed from the audience.

Workshop on research: Building knowledge together in product and production development research

  • Moderators: Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Professor, Luleå University of Technology (project manager, Kunskapsförmedlingen), Tero Stjernstoft, Vinnova (chairman of Kunskapsförmedlingen), Boel Wadman, Produktionskluster (The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters), Cecilia Warrol, Produktion2030, and Sabina Rebeggiano, Produktion2030 Graduate School

All researchers in Sweden in the fields of Product Development and Production Development are invited to present their research profiles at the web portal "Kunskapsförmedlingen" – the knowledge dissemination channel. It is jointly run by the funding bodies (Vinnova, SSF, KK Foundation and Tillväxtverket), the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries (Teknikföretagen) and scholars. In total, Kunskapsförmedlingen involves a network of several hundred researchers and their research projects. Over the years, Kunskapsförmedlingen has been used primarily as a shopwindow, with links to various resources for dissemination. Besides announcing news, events and calls, recently also PhD courses were added. Please join us in a workshop where the aim is to further develop our common channel for announcing product development and production development research dissemination activities. As on outcome, we hope that our research will be even more accessible and easier to find for the external website visitor.